Below are our feature films that are currently in development and pre-production, please contact us for more information on these projects and our TV slate.

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DRAG HEIST - Feature Film - COMEDY

A Christmas comedy heist film set in London's Soho. 

Sara owns an Italian restaurant in Soho which has been in her family for over 75 years. When she discovers that the council are forcing her to terminate her lease in order to make way for a development, she is determined to stop them. Her husband Mark, a sculptor, discovers that the man behind the development is in fact one of his best clients, Bobby Molotov-Jones. But this does not deter them and instead they team up with a troupe of Drag Queens from the bar next door.

To seek their revenge they concoct a plan to infiltrate Bobby’s Christmas party and steal an extremely rare Fabergé Russian nesting doll whilst putting on a fabulous drag show. But can this group of amateurs pull off a heist worth millions of pounds, in elaborate drag disguises, without being caught?


This is a classic British farce, hilarious as it is heartwarming, touching on the callous gentrification of some of London’s most beloved neighbourhoods with little care for the vibrant communities within them.

Written by Matthew and Tori Butler Hart

Produced by Fizz and Ginger Films and No Reservation Entertainment

MR. PARKER - Feature Film - Coming of Age Drama

Journalist and documentary filmmaker, Sam Holt, is drawn back to his home town in the North of England after an investigation is opened up into a sexual abuse allegation between an old school friend and Mr. Parker, their charismatic drama teacher. It is alleged he was having an affair with an underage pupil between 1995-1997 and twenty years later his victim, Katie, has found the strength and courage to speak out.

Tom Parker had been Sam’s hero growing up. He’d encouraged him to pursue his dreams as a filmmaker and had offered shelter to him when his violent father lashed out. But when Katie opens up to Sam, her vivid account of the affair compels Sam to help in any way he can.

The film is based on true events, it explores the nature of memory and how unreliable it can be, whilst shifting between present day, VHS footage shot in the 1990's, and flashback memories of the kids involved, now in their 30's.

Written by Matthew and Tori Butler Hart

Produced by Fizz and Ginger Films

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THE KING OF SOHO - Feature film - Biopic Drama

Paul Raymond was a man driven by greed, who changed the face of Soho. His reveubar offered glamour and seduction hidden amongst the squalor of the streets outside. But his desire for power, money and fame led him to lose the three most important women in his life: his wife, his lover and his daughter.

By the early 1990's Paul Raymond was the King of Soho. He had amassed wealth and power across the capital, but at what cost? The film follows the extraordinary life of the legendary entertainer and pornographer, from the beginning of his career and the birth of Raymond's Revuebar, which he started with his wife Jean, to his fated affair with Fiona Richmond and finally to the tragic death of his daughter, Debbie. Spanning nearly five decades the film promises to be a vibrant exploration of an infamous landmark where the voyeurs are the focus and the greed of one man results in a heartbreaking end.

Written by Matthew and Tori Butler Hart

Produced by Fizz and Ginger Films