Below are our current TV and feature film projects that are in development and pre-production.


A comedy heist set in London's Soho and inspired by true events. 

Mark and Sarah find themselves losing a legal battle with a wealthy businessman Bobby Molotov-Jones, who has taken their company from them. So they set out to seek revenge. 

When a troupe of drag queens find out their beloved bar in Soho is closing at the hands of the very same businessman, they join forces to teach him a lesson.

Sarah is asked to organise a surprise birthday party for Bobby and hires the troupe as the entertainment. Disguised as a drag queen, Mark infiltrates the party and sets about stealing a very rare and extremely expensive set of Russian Dolls, as well as putting the brakes on Bobby's detrimental development plans in Soho.


 A classic British farce, Dragheist is as hilarious as it is heartwarming, touching on the injustices of business and the callous redevelopment of some of London’s most beloved neighbourhoods with little care to the histories and communities within them.

Written by Matthew and Tori Butler Hart

Produced by Fizz and Ginger Films and No Reservation Entertainment

MR. PARKER - Feature Film - DRAMA

The film follows journalist and documentary film maker, Sam Holt, when he is brought back to the isolated northern town he grew up in to follow an historical sexual abuse case involving an old friend at his secondary school.

In the 90's Mr. Parker, a charismatic drama teacher, was having an affair with an underage pupil and twenty years later his victim Katie finally has the courage and strength to speak out.

Tom Parker had been a hero of Sam's growing up, offering shelter to him when his violent father lashed out and encouraging him to follow his dreams as a film maker. Sam, is reluctant to believe Katie especially when she goes to the press with her story, while others are quick to oust Tom Parker and his wife from the community.

Sam tries his best to find anything that might help his old teacher prove his innocence, including trawling through old VHS videos he'd recorded. The case collapses through lack of evidence but Tom Parker is left with his reputation in tatters, his marriage over and even Sam questioning whether Katie really had been telling the truth all along.

The film shifts between present day, to the VHS camera footage of the 90's and to the ever changing and unreliable memories of the kids involved, now in their 30's.

Written by Matthew and Tori Butler Hart

Produced by Fizz and Ginger Films

INFINITUM - T.V series & Graphic Novel - SCI-FI

This is an exciting action sci-fi thriller set in the near future.

An experiment called Project Ostergaard, based on the 'Many Worlds Theory', leads quantum scientists Alastor Casey and Charles Marland-White to discover a parallel world.

A global embargo is placed on The Paraverse, preventing any government from interfering with it. With huge investment the science and technology advances rapidly, and it isn’t long before they are able to transfer holographic images of people into The Paraverse. Much like entering a virtual reality they are able to explore and quickly discover that this parallel world has been at war for over a decade.

The US, UK and Canadian governments seize the opportunity to use this new world to launch a covert operation, The Infinitum Project. They have been conducting research into the human mind seeing infinite possibilities when placed under extreme circumstances and pressure. The theory being that the mind can do extraordinary things in extraordinary situations and the war-torn backdrop of The Paraverse offers the perfect testing ground.


But what are the ramifications of using human test subjects and who will be held accountable?

Written by Matthew and Tori Butler Hart

Produced by Fizz and Ginger Films


This is the costume drama with a bit more bite!


1730 and The Buxon Strumpt is at last returning from its long voyage to Indian and South East Asian, collecting tea, opium, spices and fine silks. As it nears home, the sleepy town of Upper Trollop, a terrible plague breaks out amongst the sailors.

The residents go about their usual business, blissfully unaware of the gruesome illness about to be thrust upon them. Lord Fortitude goes to visit the love of his live, courtesan Betsy Foxer; Mrs Halfpint serves Father Thomas his favourite tipple at The Bull and Balls Tavern; William Filthy attempts to woo the oblivious Vanity Banks and Richard Filthy is busy gambling away his family inheritance at the Gaming House. A usual day for Upper Trollop. 

When the ship docks into the harbour and the surgeon on board is busy packing up his findings, his dead patient rises from the operating table. Meanwhile an infected mouse manages to crawl into one of the crates being delivered to Fortitude Towers In a mere few hours the extremely infectious strain of syphilis has spread throughout the town and people are transforming into wild, flesh eating beasts. The series follows our brave band of survivors as they battle against the rats spreading zombie plague and fight their way across town to jump aboard the Buxom Strumpet and sail away to safety. 

Written by Matthew and Tori Butler Hart

Produced by Fizz and Ginger Films